Cobus Tomlinson was introduced to the personal growth industry in 1992 when he became an SMI (Success Motivation International) distributor. SMI is still a Global Company. Cobus acknowledge Paul J. Meyer, founder of SMI, to a large extent for the principles taught by SMI,  namely a positive mindset linked to crystal clear goals directly related to success.

The power of spaced repetition was one of the pillars of SMI’s success. After two (2) years Cobus became the no 1 in Sales in South Africa shortly before disaster struck. The then SMI South Africa director’s business collapsed while Cobus was involved with leadership development in numerous businesses. Cobus realized he had to find something that would suit the South African needs. He met Johan van Graan and Hugo Botha who were busy with a project as part of their masters in Industrial Psychology. This project was the development of the Personal Success Profile. Cobus saw the enormous potential in this South African developed profile and linked the Personal Success Profile to concepts already successfully applied in leading countries worldwide.

One of the pillars of the Performance Booster Program is the Personal Success Profile, where participants complete a 70 question questionnaire relating to 75 critical success factors. The Profile is classified as a behavioural learning instrument allowing participants to confront their attitudes, identifies areas for improvement and provides guidelines on how to implement improvements.  As Socrates rightfully stated over 2 000 years ago:

 “A life unexamined is not worth living!”

(Johan and Hugo sold the Personal Success Profile as a business to about 1200 entrepreneurs in South Africa, but only Cobus realized the value and potential of this assessment and decided that this was exactly what he needed to build his new program on.)

During this period, Cobus conducted a leadership development program at supervisor level with Escom staff.  This pilot project included concepts such as enthusiasm, visualization, self- talk and Personal Success Profile tools.

The results were immediate, strong and positive. A year later he was satisfied that the topics of the Personal Development Program should be:  Success, Motivation, You become successful by Helping others to become Successful, Goal Setting, Attitude and Affirmations. This laid the foundation of the Personal Management and Leadership Program becoming a powerful instrument for change and growth. Participants achieved massive results.

Cobus is extremely thankful to his clients who believed in him and allowed him the privilege to take their team members to a higher level. Amongst them was, the late Alan Gray, CEO of the Mpumalanga Parks Board. This program was instrumental in integrating the three cultures of the three Parks Board Agencies into one, as it lifted all the managers to a different level of thinking.

Concepts adapted from Dr Norman Vincent Peale’s ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ and Steven Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ were also integrated in the then PMLP. The Win-Win concept was integrated into the Ubuntu philosophy which is unique to the Swazi’s, but practised all over South Africa.

The 3rd phase arrived when Cobus married Melody Elrix  – a well respected business coach. She liked the content and concept but it was only after Cobus changed the name to Performance Booster that she became excited and joined him. Being a champion for quality and design, she redesigned the face, added some content and involved Manus du Toit, her New Leaf Inspirations partner, as program Manager.

Cobus had the Vision of rolling the Performance Booster Program out on a global scale and a new approach was needed – a web based questionnaire program where access is available to licensees and individuals.

The development of the Performance Booster Program is a dynamic process.

Performance Booster should rather be seen as a process than an event. Many participants experience enormous breakthroughs during the course, but several individuals also report afterwards that “Performance Booster is still working on me.”

The course is designed to suit the needs of any company and is applicable to any level of staff.