The Performance Booster Program Licence is available as a Business Opportunity and additional income generator for coaches, HR consultants, freelance facilitators and training Providers. Performance Booster Program Pty (Ltd) is:

  • South African
  • Affordable
  • Well Packaged
  • Adaptable to various target markets
  • Good earnings potential
  • Supported by a great team
  • Tried and tested over 10 years

The Performance Booster Program consists of:

  • The Performance Booster Behavioural Profile covering 75 unique behaviours, strengths, opportunities for growth as well as practical steps to take.
  • The Performance Booster Work file – a professionally packaged ring binder.
  •  The 3 days of facilitated Performance Booster Program training for corporate groups or 2 days generic training presented monthly for combined groups.

Licensee training and development:

Licensees are trained intensively to facilitate the Performance Booster Program at various levels.

Three different licences are available:

  • Performance Booster Business Licence suited to coaches, facilitators or those looking for a viable business opportunity, an excellent return on investment and additional income to boost their current business.


Performance Booster Business License

Ideal Licensee Business Challenge Opportunities and Solutions
Coaches and Consultants Coaches and consultants often struggle with limited earnings potential limited to hours worked. Opportunities to double income with less time input. Work with universal truths, aligned with your profession.
Freelance Facilitators Not always work available Can create regular facilitation opportunities.
Business owners, Training providers and HR consultancies Constantly outsourcing persona development training to other service providers Keep people development function in-house and increase services provided to current client bas.



  • Performance Booster Corporate License best suited to organizations with large staff compliments and an HR department focussed on staff development and training. The Performance Booster Program is ideal for induction programs, staff motivation, team cohesion, corporate culture and support for retrenched staff during restructuring. Purchasing the license will save the organization money and can be used for Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Enterprise Development.


Performance Booster Corporate License

Ideal Licensee Business Challenge Opportunities and Solutions
Corporate companies with HR and / or training departments, large staff compliment. Spending large amounts of money with service providers paying per delegate.Short lived results due to lack of continuity. Save the organization money.Flexible training hours.Establish a positive corporate culture.Adaptable to all levels of the organization.
CSI and ED requirements for BBB-EE score card Paying service providers large sums of money of money to improve BBB-EE score. Performance Booster Program can be used to boost BBB-EE scores through training staff in-house.



  • Performance Booster Education License well suited to schools or companies wishing to invest in schools for leadership and life skills development initiatives. The program is appropriate for various levels from Grade 11 to teachers and school management teams.


Performance Booster Education License

Ideal Licensee Business Challenge Opportunities and Solutions
High School with leadership development program Teachers spending time researching leadership programs and tools.No standardized program or direction. Performance Booster Program can be rolled out weekly over 12 – 20 weeks, incorporated as part of leadership camps and become part of school culture.


The Ten-Step process to become a Performance Booster Program Licensee:

  1. Attend a Performance Booster generic Workshop in Nelspruit to decide if you’d like to purchase a license.
  2. Complete a Licensee Application form availabe at
  3. Pay 25% of the license fee after pre-approval.
  4. Screening process: Interview, Psychometric test, General Entrepreneurial Tendency Test.
  5. Sign Agreements and Disclaimers.
  6. Attend Performance Booster Licensee sales training and complete assignments to qualify for the train-the-trainer training.
  7. Pay the balance of your license fee.
  8. Attend a  4-day intensive Performance Booster train-the-trainer workshop including facilitation techniques unique to this program.
  9. Arrange a Performance Booster Program training for observation and assessment purposes.
  10. Operate independently with full team support i.e. monthly Skype licensee coaching sessions and ongoing coaching and support by the Performance Booster management team.