“I learned so much, how to deal with the inner you. All the pain and confusion of life has vanished. I am a person now because of you. I am going to apply my energy to success” Joyce Serame

“What an inspiring, motivating session. I feel different now. I feel I can go and challenge the world on my own. The past 2 days were incredible lessons I have ever got in my life. Performance Booster showed me to believe in myself.” Keditlwaetse Benson

“I want you to know that you gave me hope, that life is a challenge, that it is not about giving up. These past 2 days were so special to me and your teaching gave me wisdom” Lehlohonolo Masukela

“Thank you for saving my life and my career because I was full of negativity. I didn’t believe in myself but you boosted my mind, that I am the one who can control my mind.” Precious Tshuma

“I was inspired and enjoyed you giving me a light, teaching me how to build a goal. I should not fear failure; I have to believe in myself. Thank you Performance Booster” Elizabeth Selowa

“I was thankful for this program; it was able to open my heart and my dreams. I shall never forget these days. You gave me courage towards life and challenges and problems and how to deal with them.” Mpho Macheru- SPAR GROUP,  SPARROW LEARNER

“Thank you for making me build more self-esteem and confidence. Being negative is not what I chose but it is how I felt I am so glad it is all gone. You must believe it can be done, if you have no belief you have nothing. This programme really boosted my mindset, thank you for making a difference in my life” Melissa Malgas

“I am hungry for a perfect life and getting a boost from this programme will really help me to maintain my life in a good and respectful way. I’ve changed my mindset. Thank you for taking the time to teach us of what we really didn’t think mattered at all.” Ntombizodwa Belezi – SPAR SPARROW LEARNER


“I have to say I was not looking forward to this, but it has exceeded my expectations by far. Thank you for an awesome two days. It has been very insightful and investigative.” Myra Homann

“I now comprehend that I am the source of anything, both positive and negative things that happen to me. Goal setting and writing your goals is important because it charts your course. It has helped me identify some of my shortcomings, and I have appreciated the importance of discipline and integrity.” Bry Inampasa – ATTI College, Facilitator

“These two days have been so informative, I have learned that I can control my mindset and think positively and must stop limiting myself. Keep doing what you are doing, God Bless.” Nomcebo Zulu

“I have gained knowledge and practical implementations of how to improve my life and circumstances, both at work and personally. You have given me the recipe for success, now I am going to cook up a storm!” Louw Du Preez – ATTI College, Training Manager

“Thank you for filling the cup. There are so many logical issues that we forget to apply in the day to day running of life.” Christa – ATTI

“Ek gaan begin om deur ʼn positiewe houding aan my kollegas aft te smeer, om vir myself “targets” stel wat bereikbaar is, maar wat myself gaan opbou. Ek gaan ook dit wat ek als geleer het op my span onder my toe te pas en dinge en omstandighede vir hulle ook verander. Dit toepas in my dag tot dag lewe.  Ek het geleer day my “Profile” (PSP) nie is soos ek will graag hê hy  moet lyk nie, en ek baie werk aan myself het. Ek het wel hulp gekry op al die gebiede en sien uit daarna om dinge en my eie lewe reg te ruk en uit te sort. Baie dankie vir die geleentheid.” Kruger Kleinhans

Thank you for the opportunity to be able to face myself, to be able to get new perspective on life and the courage to stand up and be proud. I also know where I went wrong at work and what I am going to do to fix it. Thank you for the second chance on life.” Jo-Ann Strydom

“My time spent on this training has brought me back on track and reminded me on what is important. It has shown me how to go about reaching my goals and to recognise the things that may not lead me to success. It has shown me step-by-step methods of accomplishing what I put my mind to. It not only showed me how to succeed but that procrastination is no longer an issue. I’ve learnt to “Just Do It” because nothing will lead to nothing. Thank you for all your assistance and teachings – you have done more than you can imagine.” Ethel Nkosi, Uplinks Systems – Sales

“So I came into this negatively, but I can say I am leaving this course with positive feedback, a positive mindset and a positive future. I have enough confidence in me to tackle the world alone! I would like to thank the team for what they have taught me and helping me to figure out my lifestyle where I was always confused. How I can achieve my goals and understand how I can create a hopeful future.” Shandré Human, FEW – Draftsman

“This program has unlocked my potential. I learned to believe in myself. I am now ready to approach the world and work more positively.” Patrick Mashaba – ATTI

“It has given me information on how to handle myself in different situations and that how I handle things will always determine the outcome of the situations. This program has actually managed to reveal to me things that I didn’t know about myself and some that I did know but didn’t know how to handle them.”

“Thank you so much, the sessions were very informative and changed how I think. I am now ready to focus and change positively. Just what I needed – inspiration and  motivation – perfect timing.” Tebogo

“Thanks to Performance Booster I realized my potential in life and recognized my mistakes. Not just in my personal life but also my work life. I am no more a failure thanks to Manus and the team. I now believe in myself and stand tall. I am excited and relieved at the same time. My life is my future and my future is my life. Thank you for believing in me.” Jo-Ann Strydom, Administration –  METRETA Investments

“The tools I amassed here correlate so well to change in my life in many aspects of personal organization, family relationships, business improvements and expansion, giving me balance to live a healthy lifestyle and make a positive impact on others. I am already feeling the difference. Thank You!” Tumelo Hoohlo

“Performance Booster gives an accurate assessment of me as an individual and then provides a structured path to self development and fulfilment. It has provided valuable tools and insights as to where I am now and what I need to do to make a fundamental change in order to achieve my goals and objectives. I believe I am better equipped to deal with the many challenges to be faced and am taking ownership of all aspects of life, as I have the power to change them.” Kevin Freeman, Otto Brothers Distributors – Regional Manager

“Thank you for the opportunity for the iFacts team to attend the workshop. We received wonderful, valuable training which will definitely enhance our lives and our business.” Jenny Reid

“The 2 days have been inspiring and have created a path/engine for me to do some soul searching and deep thinking. It has allowed me to learn about myself and to realize some of my strengths and weaknesses. Processes have been taught and tools created. Now it is all up to me!” Sonya

“I came on this course not knowing what to expect and mainly wanting to understand the operations from a business process perspective. I must say however I have personally benefitted and gained from this course. It has been time well spent.” Chiboni Evans

“This course has given me the power to realise that once obscured goals are now clear and present goals. It has ignited in me the passion to achieve what my life path has laid out for me. Having the opportunity to undertake this course has certainly cemented the belief in me that my dreams will become reality, my goals will be my achievements. It brought forward the goals that were surrounded by a cloud of doubt!”  Wayne , Bundu lodge – F & B Manager

“Most of the steps I am already doing, but you showed me how to plan better to get to my goals. I will go and teach my staff the tools to be better, positive, respect and improving their own lives. The past 2 days have opened a new door for me in my personal and professional life. I will walk out of here more positive and a better man. Thank you for all the skills.” Renier Lues, Belladonna Engen Garage – General Manager

“Performance Booster has reinforced what I know and believe. It has been very valuable to send my staff on this. I am sure to see the results in my business and it is important for my staff to know about the power of the mind and what they can achieve.” Eunanda Fourie

“This is the only course I have done that pertains to all areas of my life, not just work. It gave me the tools to be the best I can be. It helped me discover my goals and what I really want to achieve.” Neels Kemp, Ford Nelspruit – Sales executive

“I have done many courses etc to uplift and educate me. This one brings it all together – what to do and how to do it.” Madaleen

“Performance Booster has given me a totally new outlook on what/where/who I am and what direction I am taking. Tools to use in everyday life came with the instructions and a demonstration. There have been some real “WOW” moments where I have found direction, affirmation and focus. Performance Booster really addresses the issues that impact attitude. Thank you for this life-changing experience. ” Jennifer Tempest McEnery, Huizemark – Office Manager

“While none of the ideas were alien to me, the manner and requisite interactivity has forced me to action my goals, which has shown me the value of the course content in practice.” Eben Van Deventer, HR City – Labour Relations Specialist

“If you want to change the course of your company/business in a positive way, get the Performance Booster program!” Elliot Wagner – Kohler Auto

“Performance Booster is the best course I have ever done. It has really helped me personally and career-wise.”

“It has made me look into those places in my life which I didn’t understand and make a decision to take ownership of my life and destiny.” Bronwyn Nortje

“I realise how far I can stretch my abilities and create new goals. Let’s go! Thank you Mel.” Desereé Knowles

“Performance Booster has given me more focus and a mindset change. It has ordered and prioritized my challenges and goals and given me a process to action it.” Sam Jagger, MPower FM

“This is a fantastic course to assist and supply you with the relevant tools to change and perfect your attitude and achieve success in life.” Zoë Zermatten

“I feel less depressed and more optimistic about my future, as a result I am more enthusiastic about work. Getting out of incompletions and unhappiness is my choice.” Marthinus Boshoff, Eunanda Fourie Inc. – Litigation Attorney

“It has helped boost my confidence and self-esteem. I have upgraded my attitude and performance. A very motivational course.” Bongani

“Courses generally give you new tools with which to take your business to a higher level. This course does that, but more importantly gives you practical actions/plans to utilise those tools.” Estelle Roe, Junxion Communications – Strategist

“Performance Booster guided me into success, working as a team, improving on quality of life and setting my goals. The course generates motivation and a positive attitude.” Richard Bothman

“I am more motivated and inspired, more positive and rejuvenated. I am inspired to move on and take charge of my destiny/future. I found ways to move forward.” Oane Visser, Uplands College – Teacher (Life Skills & Leadership development)

“I have learnt to take control of my emotions and to develop a more positive attitude. I can confidently achieve my goals by taking action.” Adrie Lombard

“I am clearer on how to set reachable, measurable goals and have realised my attitude affects my success. I am more conscious of my thoughts. Improved personal relationships because of change in my attitude. I have the tools to get the job done, and understand myself better.” Tanja Middleton

“A very positive road to success. I have the courage and motivation to move forward in a positive way. I have a more confident outlook. I received a lot of personal awareness.” Tenielle

“Dit voel asof daar ʼn berg van my skouers af is. “I think I can” het geskuif na “I know I can” en hoe om dit stap vir stap deur te voer. Ek voel nie so hopeloos en ontoereikend nie. Baie baie dankie.” Nicolette, Debtors – Xerox

“Ek het baie geleer. Ek voel positief, georganiseerd and gemotiveerd. Dankie vir die oulike idees en opdraagte. Dankie.” Des

“This course took me to a more personal level to become successful. I realise I can succeed and I can change my attitude to the good of myself and others. I can feel it, smell it, grow it and WILL and CAN do it!”

“The course highlights what is really important in your life – YOU! Lezaan Van Der Merwe

“Excellent course. It makes you wake-up and decide what you want to do with your future, and gives you the guidelines to do this.” André De Bruin

“Performance Booster gives you the tools to move ahead in the direction that you choose. I have gained incredible insights into myself. Thank you for an amazing two days, you have woken the giant within me.” Jubeeda Yacoob

“Enjoyed the practical application to all facets of life. It opened my mind and made me realise I have a lot of work and training to do before I accomplish my goals.” Pieter Pieters

“Performance Booster has meant a whole change of attitude and thinking. Thank you for giving me the tools and helping to focus on goals. The tools and material will keep me reaching for my success. Thank you for making a positive change in my life. I will never `Finance

“I really feel a better person than I was before the course. I see a bright future ahead. I have learned I am capable of many things, more than I thought. Planning ahead is the way to go from now on. Thank you for conducting the course.” Mary Mashiane

“Performance Booster has taught me I am in control of my life. My life is focused, positive, goal-driven. The course has changed my life for the better. My values have changed for the better.” Charmaine Coetzee

“Firstly I am going to be honest and say I thought they were wasting my time and what would I learn that I didn’t already know?  But today I sit and write this letter not regretting taking the class because what I have learned is life changing, if I live my life by applying what we have learned from this training. I am going to be the successful person I wish to be, I now have the tools. “Thank You” Sibusiso