The Visionary: Cobus Tomlinson
The Performance Booster Program was originally conceptualized, designed, trained and tested by Cobus Tomlinson. Cobus is a visionary, a change agent and a human potential developer. He has an abundance mentality and focuses on win-win relationships. Cobus has years of experience in the industry of training, coaching and mentoring as well as having held various leadership positions. His greatest desire is to see Performance Booster become a highly recommended, nationally and internationally recognised development intervention.


Director of International and National Growth: Melody Tomlinson
Melody is a full time, practicing coach with a passion for people development. She is a driver by nature and heads up market development for Performance Booster licensees. Mel has been actively involved in the rebranding and restructuring of the Performance Booster program and is committed to constantly evolving the product. She is a pioneer by nature and therefore heads up national and international market development. It is most important to Mel that licensees feel part of the greater picture and aspire to the same values as the Performance Booster team.


Chief of Operations : Manus duToit
Manus is the person that makes it all happen. He has an unrelenting ability to focus from conception to completion. His personal growth over the time during which he has formalised the program has been inspiring and a testimony to the value and validity of the work. He is completely dedicated to the highest standards in terms of content and quality of material and training.